Attainable Housing

Lavoro Capital Holdings

In 2020, Trinsic developed Lavoro Capital Holdings (Lavoro), a fully-integrated investment firm focused exclusively on the development and acquisition of attainable housing assets in target markets. While separate from Trinsic, Lavoro leverages all Trinsic resources including in-house general contractors, development experience, asset management expertise and compliance.

Collectively, the principals of Lavoro have acquired or developed more than 11,000 affordable and workforce housing units, including low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) projects, mixed-income projects utilizing public facility corporation structures and convention workforce housing projects.

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The LAVORO Strategy

The primary commitment of Lavoro’s principals is to continue to increase and preserve attainable housing. Lavoro is focused on a long-term hold strategy and the acquisition and development of attainable housing assets in target markets across Texas.

We believe in the “double bottom line” – delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns for our investors while providing a long-term benefit and enrichment to the communities we invest in.